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The Art of Adjustment 2019

One of our many tools as a yoga teacher is to effectively communicate and guide through our hands.  This can be helping students to safely deepen in postures, guiding into safe alignment or offering nourishing and relaxing energy through touch.  Join us for two weekends dedicated to refining your skills in hands on asana assists.

About the course
In these two workshops the intention is for us to explore assisting students in yoga poses as an art, as a creative process.  It will therefore be very practical and experiential in form.  In offering guidance in yoga poses we have a number of tools that we can use.  There are our verbal cues, what we say; our visual cues, how we demonstrate and use props, as well as our actual physical assists, how we might touch, or not.  How we express and blend these tools in guiding classes is the art.  Our ability to do this with confidence is rooted in the knowledge of the postures, from personal practice and study.  Safe and intelligent adjustments should always begin with a good experience of actually doing the pose, from the inside out.  Without an awareness of the action of the pose, then the usefulness of the adjustment is not appreciated, nor embodied and therefore not so easily communicated by the adjuster to the student. 

There are now many books on adjusting that show the "classic" and standard adjustments in general yoga poses, however not every adjustment is necessarily appropriate for every student and we shall aim to explore this.  We shall be looking at the basics of reading bodies, for example assessing where does the student need length, stability or space in their body or breath, and then applying what we see and feel and what is appropriate for that student.  

First Week end
In the first weekend we shall be discussing and exploring the general principles of hands-on adjusting, gaining confidence and refining our skills in using our hands while cultivating the awareness of reading bodies.  We shall cover some of the "classic" adjustments for some of the common poses to gain confidence and understanding.  This would include Sukhasana, Baddha Konasana, Adho mukha svanasana and poses in the sun salutations.  
From this foundation we shall look at families of poses to develop deeper insight into specific alignment principles and energetic actions and how we might use certain assists.  We shall be working with a number of different standing poses, seated poses, twists and forward bends and with backbends.  We may not cover every pose out there but we will explore aspects and principles which can be applied to them all.

Second Week end
The second weekend will build on the first.  We shall recap all that we have done in the first weekend and having had some weeks to use and experiment with some of what has been covered, participants will have the opportunity to explore and discuss anything that might have arisen and look at any specific poses in more detail.  We shall pick up where we left off with the exploration of the asanas and ensure that all the main poses in the different families will have been covered.
We shall also work with the inversions this weekend, using some physical assists as well as props and the wall to assist with teaching the inversions

The group will be kept intentionally small (max 16 students) so that we shall have a safe space to explore a range of appropriate adjustments with lots of practice on different bodies, building confidence in using our hands (or other parts of our body if appropriate) and props to support the individual student.  We shall be experimenting on each other.  You will be provided with "Asana cards" with pictures of the poses that you can use for your own reference and note-taking. There will be plenty of time for questions, feedback, note-taking and an exploration of the process.

The Teacher
Kath Roberts

The TT will be taught in English and translated into Italian

Time and Date

Level 1 Noveber 2019
Saturday 9th 10.00-18.00
Sunday 10th 9.00-17.00

Level 2 December 2019
Saturday 7th10.00-18.00
Sunday 8th 9.00-17.00

Euro 410 
Early Bird Euro 360 (15th September 2019)
Plus Euro 20 membership fee for all NON satya yoga students

Satya Yoga 
Via E. Vanoni 11/2
San Donà di Piave (VE)

Info or bookings
cell: 346.5379515

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