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The Essence of Yoga - ENGLISH

The essence of Yoga

Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl have been practicing and teaching for over 30 years sharing their meaningful message to 100’s of students world wide. Personable and authentic,  Rachel’s emphasis on meeting the individual and her detail in alignment and sequencing are sought after by both beginner and advanced students alike.  While John’s knowledge and clear and compassionate teaching of the Upanishads isn’t readily available in regular yoga workshops, retreats or teacher trainings.

Are you looking to advance in your Yoga practice?
Want to take your Yoga off the Mat and feel the power and impact in your every day life?
Excited about the Benefits of Yoga but not quite sure why and how that Magic works?

Yoga is more than just physical exercise. It’s meaning is powerful beyond measure. Unlocking the secret of  Yoga is like tasting mango for the first time. As soon as you try it the flavour burst  onto your tongue  and you want more! The true meaning and depth of Yoga is like that. It blows you away and your life will never be the same.

Day 1 - Build your Power
Session 1 with Rachel -Building blocks in pranayama and asana-  learn breathing techniques that are grounding and calming while exploring postures that build strength and stamina- standing pose practice.  1.5 hrs
Session 2 with John- What is the true source of power? who is this "I"  that is seeing and seeking power? Who is this I questioning the meaning and Nature of Yoga?  1.5 hrs

Day 2- Open to your Power
Session 1  with Rachel - Exploring Asana as a playful dance- moving from form to freedom. Learn balancing pranayama practices to calm and heal the nervous system followed by a dynamic asana practice emphasising backbends.  2.5 hrs

Session 2 with John - What is the Nature of Bliss
In this talk John discusses our longing for happiness and its eternal nature and offers insight into what constitutes a moment of happiness. 2 hrs



Day 3- Unleash your power
Session 1 with Rachel -  deepen your understanding of the mechanics of the breath with kriyas to detoxify the mind and body, explore balancing postures that build core strength and tap into your reservoir of power.  2.5 hrs
Session 2 with John - Learn about the mind, its nature, thoughts and emotions. Discover your true purpose and how to become a warrior in the path of yoga.


Rachel Zinman 

John Weddepohl


Date and Time

Friday 24 June 2016  18.30-21.30

Saturday 25 June 2016 10.00-16.00

Sunday 26 June 10.00-16.00


Euro 220 

Early bird Euro 190 (31 Maggio 2016)



Satya Yoga

Via E. Vanoni 11/2

San Donà di Piave (VE)


Info and bookings: 

mail: info@satyayoga


cell: 0039.346.5379515

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