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5-6 Ottobre 2019
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Master Class with Katk Roberts - ENGLISH

In this class we shall be focusing on working with inversions - handstand, pincha mayurasana and sirsasana.

There will be flowing asana to warm us up, it will be alignment based to help establish core strength and technique to support going upside down safely and effectively.  This will hopefully be a fun and joyful practice and even if you are not familiar, or confident, with going upside down there will be many options and variations to work with towards the poses.  We shall be using props, walls, hands on adjustments and possibly pair work.

Not suitable for complete beginners but fine for all levels.

The class will be taught in English with translation, so it may take a bit longer!

Time and Date
Friday 8th Novembre 2019
19.30 -21.30

Euro 30
(Euro 20 for those who will attend ad the Art of Adjustment workshop)

Info or Bookings
Sara: - 0039.3465379515




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