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Rachel and John Schedule

Friday 6th June 2014

Introduction to S|K|Y ( Self Knowledge Yoga) with John and a creative vinyasa flow practice with Rachel.
All the teachings and texts on yoga talk endlessly about the beauty, wonder, and happiness - anandam – that is the ‘self’.
While the practices bring us to self-awareness, no one is actually teaching us what ‘self’ really is. S|K|Y (Self Knowledge Yoga) teaches, and unwraps the beauty, knowledge and wisdom of the Upanishads, sharing Atma Vidya – the truth of what ‘self’ really is.


Saturday 7th June 2014

Ignite Your Creative Flow with the Yoga of Saraswati with Rachel.
Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge and creativity is a metaphor for our innate creative abilities. Born on the tip of Brahma’s tongue, she also represents the power of speech. In the Traditional yogic teachings words are the means of knowledge
for us to learn the truth about anything. So how do words and creativity come together?
In order to express any art form we need to absorb ourselves in the medium and learn its secrets. It's the same with Yoga practice, a deep immersion reminds us of the effortlessness of being.

Join Rachel and immerse yourself in a practice, which combines storytelling, creative sequencing and the tantric tools of mantra,mudra and yantra plus some creative surprises. Make your practice an effortless dance and ignite the flow!
This session includes:

The Story of Saraswati
Creative Vinyasa flow sequence incorporating breath and kriya
Saraswati mantra practice

Talk on Self Knowledge followed by the Ishta Mala Practice with John and Rachel
The journey of yoga culminates in the mystery, and beauty that is oneself. Beginning with you, the yoga journey resolves in understanding oneself as the happiness, bliss, anandam - which is you - the yoga itself. Introducing the ISHTA Mala Yoga sequence Rachel leads us through a simple practice for everyday life with particular relevance to the doshas, and the juice of the body called ‘ojas’.


Sunday 8th June 2014

Bhakti Vinyasa flow with Rachel

The Yoga practices of Pranayama and Kriya
John unwraps ancient Tamil Siddha Pranayama and Kriya meditation techniques designed to bring us to self awareness, followed by a final talk on self knowledge.

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