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5-6 Ottobre 2019
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Yoga Nidra: the key to sleeping and awakening

Today, despite endless labour-saving devices and having everything at our convenience, we seem to have less time and more pressure on ourselves than ever before. Even those measures we take to look after ourselves have become competitive, punishing rituals, rather than genuine self-care and helpful self-inquiry. Never before has the ancient practice of yoga nidra been more relevant as a tool to find stillness amidst the often overwhelming dance of life.

Sleep states, and how they are key to a more balanced life
On this weekend we will explore the intricacies of sleep; how to get more of it, what happens when we don’t, and delve in to whatever stands in the way of you sleeping deeply. You’ll learn how to rewire your nervous system and achieve a deeper sense of ease in your waking life too.

Understanding rest and restoration
What happens when we wake up? Learn how yoga nidra gives us a means to explore differing states of consciousness and the power to let the body rest and restore itself whilst we unravel deep conditioning and long held material from the subconscious mind. When you live free of story and thinking, something else reveals itself - the ancients called this ‘awakening,’ and you'll be accessing it on this weekend.

You will also:
- Through guided yoga nidra sessions, be left feeling deeply rested
-  Learn about what happens as we go to sleep and the differing stages of sleep
- Learn how to become a ‘super-sleeper’ and how to help others get deeper rest too
- Discover tools for accessing the subconscious mind
- Explore what it is to ‘wake up’ to your true nature
- Understand the nervous system and its relationship to sleep and awakening
- Gain insights as to how leading-edge neuro-science supports traditional understandings and perspectives on awakening

James Reeves
(This event will be translated in to Italian by Lisa Cardin)

For more information on iRest yoga Nidra visit and more information on James and his prgainsation, Restful Being visit

Time and Date
Saturday 17th June 2017 10am-5pm
Sunday 18th June 2017 10am-4pm

Euro 200 (early bird 180 - 14th May)

Satya Yoga
Via E. Vanoni 11/2
San Donà di Piave (VE)

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