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Yoga with Tam - ENGLISH

Tam has been a qualified and registered physiotherapist since 1994, when she first started practising yoga. She obtained her yoga teaching qualification with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) in England in 1998 and a Diploma of Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australiaand in 2012. She is a current senior level 3 member of Yoga Australia (YA).

As a physiotherapist Tam specialised for years, in specialist pain centres, in helping people manage persisting long term pain. She drew on her physiotherapy knowleddge but also the experience she gained working alongside psychologists. She helped people increase their confidence in their own resources with movement and life skills to get back into an active life despite pain. 

For the more than 10 years now she has combined yoga and physiotherapy in her own yoga studio, continuing to help clients with persistent pain, but also managing a range of musculoskeletal conditions in a broad population from fit, young athletes and yoga teachers to a more limited aging population.  She teaches silent retreats and has been a guest teacher on a number of teacher training as well as running 2x2 year trainings of her own; she also assists her teacher on his retreats in India and Europe. She has been frequently invited to contribute to yoga festivals and conferences in Australia, presenting on topics such as alignment, yoga therapy, functional anatomy, professional issues and meditation.

Tam is our guest for this weekend workshop. She will teach 4 sessions.

Morning sessions 09.30 – 12.30
The morning sessions will be asana based master class focussing on inversions (Sat) and backbends (Sun). You don't need to be able to do these postures; these sessions will:

- determine what you need to work on to improve your backbends and inversions 
- give you safe preparations to build your physical ability
- help you to refine your current performance of backbends and inversions
- thus give you greater confidence to integrate these postures into your current yoga practice.

Afteroon session 14.30 – 17.30
The afternoon sessions will be in a workshop format. Saturday we will explore in greater depth postures that affect the neck and how to approach our practice to ensure safety and no injury (particularly headstands and shoulder stands). Sunday we will consider postures relevant to the low back – backbends and forward bends. These workshops will involve consideration of anatomy and alignment will discuss common issues from general tightness to pain. These workshops will be personally relevant for those attending, but also give assessment skills to teachers. We will explore integrating techniques for addressing imbalances within the context of asana selection and sequencing.

Tamara James

Time and Dates
Venice 23 - 24 June 2018 

AM Practice: 9.30-12.30
PM Practice: 14.30-17.30

One Sessione: Euro 50
One Day: Euro 95
Whole Week end: Euro 175

Satya Yoga
Via E. Vanoni 11/2
San Donà di Piave (VE)

Info and Booking
cell: 346.5379515

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